The Doorstep Home

The Doorstep got it’s name when one of my children asked, “Did you know moms used to leave their child in baskets, in front of the home of a nice family, if they couldn’t take care of it?”  

“I wish moms still did that instead of leaving them in bathrooms and garbage cans,” I frowned.

“Well, what if moms are just scared to do that now but they would if they could?” 

That was in 2014 and thanks to the donations of adoption families and other businesses in the Atlanta area we are both funding and have furnished the Doorstep Program (both a physical location and living concept) and we are now able to welcome moms or soon-to-be mothers who need our help 24 hours a day – so call-ins are welcome!


We hope that you will get excited with us about offering hope to the women and children of Georgia as we work to give them stability and care.  Please help us by donating to our project (just click on the donate box below) or by requesting our donation or volunteer job wishlist! Follow our progress and visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest also!