Was it completely unplanned? Or maybe circumstances have changed? Are you worried and confused? Are you torn by those who argue you should abort, those who insist you should parent and those you who try to convince you to place your baby for adoption? Are you wondering what to do now?

Don’t face your pregnancy alone… We are here to help!

It is normal to feel scared when facing this type of pregnancy. Talk to someone at Crystal Adoptions.  Although we are an adoption agency we care more about helping you figure out what will work best for you now and in your future.  We provide caring, discreet and personal pregnancy counseling and child-placing services. All services are free to birth parents and completely confidential. We can refer you to where you need to go, once you decide, and make sure you have someone non-judgmental in your corner while you do it.

We think you are incredibly important! Regardless of how you handle your choices, we want you to know what they are. We will answer your questions, offer advice, and respect your decision.

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Financial Assistance