Crystal Adoptions has a unique program geared to help adoptive parents be more in control of how they create their family.

 For us it’s all about choices and giving you as many as we can to help you create your family.    

babies-different-racesOur Consulting program allows you to begin the process without tying you into one specific avenue by helping you with all of your pre-adoptive services (home study, Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children [or I.C.P.C. as it’s better known] preparation, family profiles, etc.) and then directing you to whichever programs are right for you personally.

We also have new programs in Special Needs adoption, Older Child adoptions, Sibling groups, and we know friends in Surrogacy, Embryo adoption, and International Adoption and will help you understand any other family creation professional you would like to learn more about. We want this to be the right thing for you.

going international

Here we offer these Adoption Programs, in addition to our Home Study Services: