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Some of our older children are part of a sibling group belonging to the birth family delivering a newborn with us.  We do not split up families and any children adopted through Crystal Adoptions efforts will remain together.  A large portion of our older children, however, come from a network of adoption professionals who are dedicated to making sure that placing a child in a secondary adoptive home is not the illegal act of a desperate family.

No one wants to talk about it but we have all heard of situations where adoptive families are “re-homing” children to people who do not have a home study or are not even investigated for safety.  Many of the adoptive families, who ask someone to raise the child they have adopted, are desperately trying to get help.  They may have been unprepared for this type of child, have encountered a medical crisis, or were not given proper training to accept a child from outside of the United States or from an orphanage.  Whatever the reason, we are not here to judge the adoptive family but we are here to help the child!

Crystal Adoptions is here to make sure that every child has a second chance at having a family.  No child should ever enter the foster care system when there are families willing to love them and give them a forever family!girl n baby

“Older” child is actually a relative term.  For many in the foster care system it means a child over the age of 10.  Unfortunately, in the adoption world it usually means a child age 2 to 10 years old.  As sad as this is to say, children over the age of two do not get the loving interest that children under two do.  They, in essence, “age out” of popularity.  But so many of our children still need families!

Would you consider a child over the age of two?  Our waiting lists are small and the fees are low so please let us know if you will!

Please note:  In order to be on a waiting list to adopt an older child you will still need to have a current private adoption home study and all clearances (as opposed to a foster-adopt home study).  If you need help with this please just ask!

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