Home Study Referrals

Need a home study but not living in Georgia?  We can still help!

Home studies must be performed in the state that you have your residence in*.  Home studies are transferable and once you get your home study you may adopt from any agency you want to adopt from and in any state.  Also remember that using an adoption agency in a particular state does not necessarily mean that you will adopt from that state either…birth mother’s are also allowed to choose any agency in any state also.

Not to worry.

Due to the way we network, we know many wonderful agencies and can help you find one to work with that will treat you well.  Just let us know where you live and we will either refer you to someone in particular or give you a list of a few to contact for information.

When you are finished then you can start working with us on your adoption.  In some cases you won’t even need to be finished with your home study to get started!

Just let us know when you contact us and we’ll help you get the ball rolling!


*If you are an American abroad we know an agency that specializes in working with you.  Please let us know if this is the case and we’ll help you contact them.