The Adoption Home Study

The first step to ANY adoption is the home study.  Home studies must be performed in the state that you have your residence in*.  Most people do not know that home studies are transferable and that you don’t necessarily need to get a home study from the agency you want to adopt from.  In fact, once you have gotten your home study you are free to use any agency in any state.

Crystal Adoptions is licensed to domestic adoption home studies in the state of Georgia only at this time.  However, we also have sister agencies in various states that we refer our adoptive families to as needed.  We know many wonderful agencies and can help you find one to work with that will treat you well and making working with our agency easier for adoption.

For more information regarding the Home Study you can download this information (First Steps to Adoption – The Home Study) to help you evaluate where you are and where you need to go next.



If you are a Georgia resident visit our Georgia home study page and then call our office for fees and information.

If you are not living in the state of Georgia, but would like to take part in any of our programs, please visit our non-Georgia resident page and let us know.  A consultant will help you find an agency in your area to work with.

*If you are an American abroad see the page on Non-Georgia residents for instructions.