Consulting & Outreach

Consulting/Training ProgramGroup of Friends with Arms Around Each Other

Our Commitment:  We build families, not waiting lists.
We are your family consultants and we believe in doing everything we can to help you form a family. This means that we will even help you if you need to reach outside of our adoption walls to create it. If this means rethinking your options and checking into other means (IVF, Surrogacy, Embryo Adoption, etc.) and investigating other resources we are committed, as your adoption agency, to help you do that and will help you make any connections you need to find out more…it’s all a part of our adopting services.

Consulting/Training and Our Outreach Option

The thing that makes Crystal Adoptions unique is our Consulting/Training Program which is the first part of all our adoptions. This is a training program designed to help you create the family you want in the way you want while providing you with the tools and information to understand what is happening during your process.  You will have the guidance of a professional that can help you navigate the process in the best way for you personally.

Those who invest in money sometimes use a financial adviser.   Those who invest in adoption sometimes use an adoption adviser. The Consulting/Training part of our Adoption Program is not only designed to fully prepare and educate adopting parents to adopt but to help them understand the intricacies of the adoption process. Your consultant helps you to understand expenses, timelines, different programs and options, contracts, and even the emotional stress that naturally comes along with adoption.

The main goal is to prepare a family to accept any adoption situation. Though we are a fully licensed agency with our own birth families, once graduated from the program you are prepared to adopt from any agency and are fully prepared for any outreach list.  This means that if you find an opportunity to adopt before we do you can take it immediately without losing a huge financial investment. Ask us more about how this works!

1. More choices – many people start working with an agency by placing a large enough amount up front that they are committed before really understanding their options. We give you time to absorb and choose whether you will move forward or check around first.

2. Restoration of important components of adoption such as information, choices and control.

3. It’s no longer a disadvantage being single, gender or race specific, gay, over a certain age, Americans living outside the United States, or those who have otherwise been told they are “hard to work with”. We will help you decide which is the best path to follow for your particular situation.

We spend a lot of time thinking about the problems associated with forming a family and trying to figure out how to make it better. To us, no one should be denied a family and we want to do everything we can to help that happen. We decided to start with a very basic idea…

Set a Goal: Prepare potential families to work with any adoption situation with training, planning and navigation in every step.
Give Choices: Once prepared allow them to choose which agencies to work with and which birth mothers to try to get to know…including our own.
Encourage Questions: Let them collect facts and data and give them the tools to gather that information with the confidence needed to make informed decisions.
Choose Only the Best: Form a network of trustworthy professionals who may want to reach out to prepared clients. Get to know them very well so you know all about how they work and what they’re like.
Offer the Best: Make sure our own birth families have been counseled with and offered choices to. Make sure they really want to place a child for the right reasons and are making plans for their future.
Fill them In: Make it the consultants job to fill the potential family in or the birth family in on any policies and procedures and how to best work with any potential situation.
Foster Good Relationships: Encourage communication and feedback between all parties. Provide everyone with a great advantage as they begin working on their adoption.
Be Available and Engaged: During the entire process guide everyone in knowing what questions to ask, how to understand the answers they get, what the contracts mean, and how to work with the professionals and government agencies they will be working with.