Crystal Adoptions (CAINC) is a fully licensed, 501(c)3 non-profit Adoption Agency that offers support for adoptive parents and birth mothers creating families. Our belief is that, “We’re Better Together.”


SHORT DESCRIPTION:  Crystal Adoptions is fully licensed to do Georgia adoption home studies and domestic adoptions.  We offer support both for prospective adoptive parents and for birth families.  We work with clients in the US and Americans abroad.

MISSION:  We believe that each child is divinely appointed to a particular family.  Our mission is to bring together those who are and those who are not in a position to parent these children so that each child finds the family designed for them.

COMPANY OVERVIEW:  Crystal Adoptions offers a uniquely personal adoption experience.  We strive to create bonding and unity between those who place and receive a child for adoption.  Our focus is on grace and kindness for the individual and friendship and communication between those who will be an essential part of a child’s entire life.

FOUNDED: May 2011

SERVICES:  Home studies in Georgia, Domestic Adoption, Adoption Counseling, Family Education & Support, Help and Counseling for Birth Moms.  Adoption assistants also in TX, UT, AZ, CA and MI.

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Crystal Adoptions’ Staff!

Executive Director: Dee Shihady (

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Caseworker Supervisor:  Donna Kennedy-Booth (
Donna B

Birth Family Support: Harriet Thomas (

UT Relationship Director: Betty Louvar (
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CEO and Financial Director: Mark Shihady (

Caseworker and Adoptive Family Support: Katelynn Ruhl (



TX Relationship Director: Alene Varga (