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Crystal Adoptions isn't like other agencies...

        Our Focus is on Your CHOICES!

We encourage adoptive families to choose the best method to add to the family they want to create and we encourage birth mothers to make the choices that will help them to evaluate where they are now and go forward from there successfully.  

If that means adoption for either, we are are prepared for that and can help.  If that means searching for another alternative we help with that too!  

Everyone begins, in our agency, with a consultant.  This person is assigned to you to help you make the decisions you need to make on this journey.  Once you decide what path you are on, your consultant walks that path with you all the way to the finish line.  What a comfort that can be and how much easier to make those decisions!  

Contact us to see if this type of family creation can work for you in a quicker, healthier, and safer way...whether you are adopting or are contributing to an adoption by birth. We are committed to telling you the truth about what your options are and then letting you decide what you will do.

Unplanned Pregnancy?

It happens sometimes... where will you go from here?

Current Moms are working with Crystal Adoptions to help them understand what some of their options are. 

Want to speak with someone right away?  Call or Text us at (770) 354-2376.  
Rachelle said:
"I've learned more from [Crystal Adoptions] in a few days than I have in the last year we've been waiting. Thank you for taking the time to be with us and to explain things. I'm so glad we found you!"

Prospective Adoptive Parents
Discover the program designed to help shorten your waiting time and stay on a budget.

Adoption can be beautiful for everyone involved if made with love, 

done with consideration, forged with trust, and fulfilled with respect.

---Dee Shihady, Executive Director of Crystal Adoptions

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Comments / Reviews
Dee partnered with us and helped us find our daughter in California. Dee was always professional and willing to help, no matter what the question or concern. She always had an open ear and heart throughout our entire process. It's been 3 years since we saw our beautiful daughter for the first time and we have Dee to thank!
Crystal Adoptions dreamed with us, searched for us and fought for us! Within a day or two of completing our file with Crystal Adoptions they presented us legitimate situations. Within the first month we heard about three different newborns to consider. And six weeks after contacting Crystal Adoptions we had matched with a birth mother and adopted 4 siblings all three years old and under. We heard about the children on Friday afternoon, matched with them on Saturday, packed on Sunday, drove on Monday and held them in our arms (they were ours)on Tuesday. So awesome! RUN as fast as you can to Crystal Adoptions and share with them your hearts' desires! They will do their very best to make your dreams a reality!
Rachelle said:
 I've learned more from [Crystal Adoptions] in a few days than I have in the last year we've been waiting. Thank you for taking the time to be with us and to explain things.  I'm so glad we found you!
Crystal Adoptions was the doorway for us for adoption and its many roads you can take. When I first called Dee, she explained to me what she was all about and answered all kinds of questions. She never seemed to lose patience with me and my questions. Dee is the adoptive parents true advocate and ally! She made it clear that we were her first concern. She provided us invaluable feedback throughout the entire process. People often ask- how long does it take? Our entire process took right at a year. Because of Crystal Adoptions, I believe, we had a smooth transition into being prepared (paperwork, etc) to being accepted by a birthmother and agency- and we have the perfect daughter! I would not have felt comfortable entering into this crazy world of adoption without her!
Crystal Adoptions was our consultant through our adoption process. They were extremely helpful as we traveled through our quick referral. We started our home study and brought our baby boy home in five months with a match Dee referred us to! They were very prompt in returning any email or phone calls. We have since shared our experience with two other families and they are using Crystal Adoptions as well. I would recommend them to anyone thinking about adoption.
We worked with Dee when she was at a previous agency and had a wonderful experience. We were brand new to the very complicated adoption process and had a million questions! Dee was always pleasant and professional, responsive, and patient with all our calls and emails. We felt much better prepared for our adoption as a result of working with her, and she became our friend in addition to our advisor. We would highly recommend her services!
We found Crystal Adoptions through a friend. When we started our adoption journey we had no idea where to turn and how to begin. I spoke with Dee a few times and she set us up with a fabulous caseworker, Suzanne, to complete our home study. Throughout the entire process Crystal Adoptions has been a joy to work with. They are thorough, quick, kind, SO helpful, and all around pleasant! We plan to adopt again in the future and when it comes time to renew our home study we will certainly be using Crystal Adoptions. I highly suggest Crystal Adoptions to any of my friends considering completing home study/adoption. We are extremely thankful for our amazing experience!
I highly recommend Crystal Adoptions for anyone trying to navigate through the adoption process. My wife and I couldn't have been happier with the service and expertise that Dee provided us in our adoption. She was very responsive to any questions we had throughout the entire process (and there were many). The adoption process can be overwhelming at times and Dee was always there to guide us through it. Once we had our homestudy completed Dee was able to match us with our beautiful daughter in about two weeks. Crystal Adoptions was an incredible resource for us and plan on using them again once we are ready.
We have nothing but good things to say about Crystal Adoptions. After a very frustrating year and a half of waiting to be matched with a previous adoption agency, we were put in contact with Dee from Crystal Adoptions. From the very first time we spoke with her on the phone, we immediately felt like she truly wanted to help our family. She worked hard and was always available for any questions that we may have. We were matched with our baby girl 4 months from the time that we signed up with Crystal Adoptions. Dee did a great job of giving us all the information that we needed to help make the whole process that much easier. We would gladly recommend Crystal Adoptions and in fact already have. Several times! In fact, two of our friends are currently going through them as a direct result of our recommendation and are saying the same positive things we are about this wonderful agency and the people who work there. Thank you Crystal Adoptions for making this whole process a wonderful experience for us!!

You can see these comments at this link on MyAdoptionAgencies.com.  You can also request a list of past clients that have agreed to speak with others in our behalf. Feel free to call us with questions, as many times as you need to, while making this decision.  We want you to feel comfortable letting us help you!


"Biology is the least of what makes
someone a mother."  --Oprah Winfrey

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